Brad Gosse

Business Advisor and Humorist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Unconventional and unusual is the best way to describe me. I help startups scale and sell. My bizarre approach has earned me a reputation for getting results. Google me.

For a short time, I'm offering free 15 minute consultations. You describe your business to me. I will give you some ideas on what I might do in your position. If you like the results, we can discuss a fair arrangement moving forward.

When I'm not advising companies, I'm making humor videos on TikTok, YouTube, and writing books.

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Brad’s gift is in his ability to quickly grasp a complex scenario and zero in on the one, ideal solution! He doesn't bring high-pressure techniques or detail an option that's in his own benefit; instead, he gives the best option for the business. He really is a 'Chronic Marketer,' and I think he just helped me get to that next level in one single conversation!
Brittany Bri
After my morning walk, had an incredibly eye opening, brilliant conversation with the one and only Brad Gosse. A few days ago he offered to chat with anyone about these interesting times we have entered. Am thankful I took him up on that offer. Love how he thinks...which is definitely different from most. He helped me fine tune my focus and message to help exponentially more people in these uncertain times than my mind had conceived possible, prior to us chatting. Thank you Brad! You, my friend,
Tom Beal